Review For The Episode ‘True Genius’


A series of murders in San Francisco bearing the tell-tale signs of the infamous Zodiac Killer have the BAU wondering if the notorious serial killer has returned. Also, Reid ponders if he should be doing more with his genius abilities.

I was a little confused at first, what the music and the clothing. I was happy though, a minute later, when I realized it wasn’t a flashback.

The good: First, I have to say…Kitty Ears! Ah, Penelope, you are breath of fresh air amongst the many gruesome scenes and discussions on this show. Bonus: the glasses and lipstick match the ears!

Murder mysteries based on real-life killers make for interesting plots. Although you can quickly figure out where the details came from, just as Rossi and Morgan did, the copycat’s knowledge of the original crimes made it more real.

I am impressed with the slight twist there towards the end, where it could be either Harvey or Caleb as the killer, and their discussion is slightly creepy.

The bad: I wasn’t impressed with the casting for the unsub(s). They both seemed to scream stereotype to me. It didn’t take much to convince me they were the bad guys.

Also, while most of the Reid sub-plot flowed smoothly, the beginning scene at the seminar felt like a last minute add-on. The awkward public speaking thing with a large group was done in season 4 in a classroom setting.

Originally Posted February 28, 2012

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