SNAFU (Teen Wolf)
WARNINGS: Rampant assholery and idiocy, character bashing, extremely minor characters die (blink and you miss it). Oh, and violence (canon-level).

The school is held hostage by gun toting assholes.

Timeline: This is post Season 2, but Jackson stuck around. Alpha pack has shown up, but no confrontations have taken place.

Thank you to my lovely betas, Icefallstears (chapter 1) and MyzticMyanMøøn (chapters 2 & 3) who are made of complete win.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Stiles blurted out when the masked gunman burst into the room, slammed the door shut, and fired a few shots into the air.

“Shut your fucking mouth and sit down,” the gunman said, locking the door. All the students in Aidan Harris’ chemistry class stayed in their seats, quietly stunned at the turn of events.

“Now, see here –” Mr. Harris began, but was cut off by a bullet to the leg. He fell to the ground, almost catching his head on the corner of his desk. The girls in the classroom screamed again, and the boys pushed themselves back from their desks.

The gunman stood over Mr. Harris pushing the gun in his face screaming, “You need to shut up and stay quiet like a good little boy until we’re done.”

“Maybe you should tell us exactly what you want,” Stiles said, drawing the gunman’s attention to himself.

“Unless you’re just happy to keep shooting our teacher — which is fine — otherwise, we can’t help you complete your goal without knowing what that goal actually is.”

“Well, aren’t we the Brave Little Boy. Trying to be the hero, kid?”

“Uh, no, not in the least. Or did you miss the part where I gave you permission to continue shooting my teacher? I just want to be able to make it home alive in one piece. And so, logically, helping you reach your goal is the fastest way to get that to happen.”

Screams could be heard coming from other classrooms. How many men could they have covering each class and still be sure that no one was wandering the halls? Stiles slowly got up from his seat, continuing to speak, flailing about as he spoke a little more than usual. Distraction was the name of the game today, apparently.

“But really, what kind of plan is this? You realize that this is just a tiny bit ridiculous? You took a school hostage. A school. This isn’t Toy Soldiers, dude –” at the blank look from the gunman he stopped and explained. “You don’t know that movie? It’s about gunmen who take a boarding school hostage. Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton – really? Nothing? That’s sad, dude. Who doesn’t know a movie that has two of the actors from Stand by Me in it? For fucks sake, it has a hobbit and Wesley Crusher!”

“Stop with the dude.”

“Uh, no. Scarier dudes than you have tried and failed on that account.”

“I demand some respect –“

“Assholes with guns deserve absolutely no respect from me,” Stiles responded and managed to surprise the jerk by grabbing the barrel of the gun from him and smashing it into his face. He then swung it once, whipping it across the hostage takers temple, knocking him out. “How the hell did he let me that close to him? Amateur.”

Stiles turned to the class to see shocked faces staring back at him. Before they could start talking and shouting, ruining whatever peace they currently had, he started barking orders.

“Thing One and Thing Two, I don’t give a shit at the moment who you’re working for, right now I need you to go do some recon with Jackass over there,” pointing to Jackson Whittemore sitting behind them, “and find out how many more assholes with guns there are and where they are located. Should you fuck me over in this, be sure in the fact that I will make you regret it.” He held their eyes while speaking, making them understand his seriousness in this. He then removed his belt and started making a tourniquet for Mr. Harris’s leg to stop the bleeding.

“Sorry, Mr. Harris, this is going to hurt.”

“Just do it, Mr. Stilinski,” he said, face pale with pain. “Besides, I thought you were advocating additional injuries to my person, not the healing of them.”

“Eh, we can come back to that,” he replied with a smile.

“Lydia,” Stiles continued while tightening the belt, “we’re going to need some party favors, non-lethal.”

“Stiles, what the hell? Why are you giving orders, loser?”

“Do what he says, Whittemore,” Mr. Harris instructed. “For once, he isn’t spewing idiocy and is actually making sense.”

Turning to the werewolf twins — because there was nothing else they could be with their mannerisms — and Jackson, he made shooing motions to get them out the door. “You three take off your shoes and get going.”

“Our shoes?” Jackson asked.

“He’s right,” Aiden said, obeying instructions, “so we don’t make any noise by accident.” The three of them left shortly afterwards.

The noise level had started to rise a bit, which wasn’t a good idea as far as Stiles was concerned.

“Okay, people, we need to keep it down. If we make too much noise, they are going to wonder what’s wrong and come looking.” And with that they all shut up.

Except one.

Because of course, Scott Fucking McCall had to have a fucking opinion.

“Stiles! We need to get everyone out of here!”

Stiles just gave him an exasperated look, along with everyone else, including Mr. Harris. “Scott, I know. Everyone knows. But we need to wait until we know where all the players are so we can do it safely!” Sometimes – or really, a lot of the time – Scott’s inability to think of the bigger picture really got on Stiles’ nerves.

Stiles went back to tending Mr. Harris, leaving Lydia to order around her minions helping with the party favors. Stiles had confidence that she would know what he needed best – also he had confidence that him trying to tell her — Lydia Martin, Queen of Beacon Hills High School — what to do in more of a way than just that he needed party favors would result in him losing life and limbs.

Of course, Scott wasn’t satisfied with any of this. Honestly, ever since the whole deal with the Kanima, Stiles hadn’t been happy with Scott. For about a week after it went down, it seemed like they were BFFs again … and then Scott had gotten back together with Allison and Stiles was abandoned once again. Then Stiles found out about Scott’s plan to defeat that piece of shit Gerard and what had happened before his arrival at the warehouse, and his love and trust for Scott took a huge nosedive. He had tried to speak to Scott about it, but was brushed off every time.

Scott stood up and started dragging Allison towards the classroom door, despite the fact that Allison seemed to be fighting him on it; she was no match for werewolf strength, not that Scott noticed. Stiles stopped what he was doing and moved to block him. “Scott, what the fuck do you think you are doing?” Stiles asked in what he hoped was a calm voice.

The entire class stared at Scott in surprise and anger as Stiles blocked his way. “What do you mean, what am I doing? I’m getting Allison out of here.”

“Because Allison is the only one that matters? You asshole!” Stiles pushed Scott back towards his seat and away from Allison. Surprisingly, she didn’t fight it and backed away, moving towards Mr. Harris, checking on his wounds. Stiles nodded his thanks to her and turned his attention back to the idiot he once called friend. “Are you trying to get everyone killed? Because that’s what would happen if you walked out that door, you moron!”

“What the hell do you know?”

“I know that you still have your sneakers on and that they squeak no matter how stealthy you try to be, and in that silent tomb out there, everyone would hear it.” Another push back. “I know that everyone else here is content to wait until the twins and Jackson return to tell us what the situation is before jumping in blindly, including Allison .” Another push. This time, Scott’s eyes flashed and his claws came out a bit. “I know that no one here wants to be the reason that someone else dies. You’ve already been the cause once, Scott. Want go for a second? Or is it third, now?”

“What are you –” Allison began.

“How dare –” Scott started as he lost control of his shift. He would have completely lost it if Isaac hadn’t shoved him into his seat with a wolf’s strength, knocking him breathless. Thankfully, no one else was in a position to see his wolfy features.

“We will continue this later,” Allison said, directing it at both Scott and Stiles as the three boys returning from their wanderings entered the room.

Taking a deep breath, Stiles turned to Jackson and just waited for them to speak. Eying the room, and taking in Lydia’s project with some minions; Harris being cared for by Allison; Scott pouting in his seat with Isaac standing over him somewhat confused and the general tension in the room — Jackson decided it was probably best to just get on with it.

“Right, so we split up to cover more ground faster. I took the North wing and the East wing, and there are 15 guys covering every occupied classroom. No students were in any of the bathrooms or stairwells or hidings spots. There is no gym this period, either. No injuries so far as I could tell.”

“I took the South wing and faculty room, which was covered, and another 10 rooms occupied, all covered by gunmen. No issues so far on my end, either,” Ethan reported.

“West wing was also covered, 12 rooms. No students in bathrooms or hiding spots,” Aiden finished up.

“You got that Lydia?” Stiles asked.

“We’re on it,” she responded, not breaking her stride in keeping the assembly line going.

“What –” Jackson started to ask but Stiles waved his question away.

“Later, Jackson.”

Turning to Aiden, he saw there was more that the Alpha wanted to say, and he was curious to hear it.

“Spit it out, what has your fur in a twist?”

Flashing some red too quick for most to notice, he replied, “This is way too organized to have been done on the fly. They have the exact amount of men needed to cover all the occupied rooms including the faculty room, made sure to clear out all the bathrooms and hiding spots— knew the hiding spots —that screams inside job to me.”

The students all started whispering about who they thought could have been the inside man until Scott said loudly, “I think it was Mr. Harris.”


“Detention for the rest of the year, Mr. McCall.”

Everyone broke out in quiet laughter and snickers, all of them in complete agreement.

“Holy faulty reasoning, Batman! You are such a potato, Scott! Mr. Harris is not in on it. He was completely surprised when they entered, also when they shot him. There were no signs of expectation anywhere, nor recognition when I removed the mask from the gunman. So no, he is not the inside man,” Stiles explained quickly, completely exasperated. “I’m sure my dad will figure that out later.”

Lydia stood up from her group and announced that they were done with their project with a simple look in Stiles direction. “All right, now that our distractions are done and we have a delivery system,” he affirmed that with another look to his Queen, “we can start getting people out of here quietly.” Everyone let out a breath of relief.

“Mr. Harris, you obviously need to get out of here first. So, how about this –” Stiles paused and took a moment to organize himself and a plan. This was his thing, planning. He was good at it, and strategizing the best possible outcome, of seeing the bigger picture especially under pressure.

Focusing on the twins once more he began again, “Do any of the assholes with guns have line of sight if we start shunting people from the windows here out to the parking lot to the street and beyond?”

Ethan took this one. “No, we’re protected here, thankfully. But we have to be very strict; no one can go off, they will have to go straight to the street, beyond the first row of houses before they can stop to rest.”

“Right, so –” Stiles turned to Isaac. “You, Puppy–” Isaac grimaced at the name. “Oh, shut up, you know it suits you — you will have to go out first to catch Mr. Harris — Scott will hand him to you, and then he will follow you. Allison, you will go with them because otherwise, Scott will get everyone killed yelling about you being left behind.”

Scott began to say something but Allison slapped a hand over his mouth and glared him silent. Absolutely no one in that room was happy with him.

“All of you need to keep your cell phones off or silent — and I do mean all of you. Not one of you is special — Isaac, take Scott’s phone, please — and if you decide you are special and get someone killed because of it, I’ll make sure everyone in the school and town knows it. You need to quietly haul ass all the way to those houses. Once there Isaac will call my Dad and say code words I will give him — and only him,” here Stiles started writing down a sentence on some note paper before handing it to Mr. Harris who put it in his pocket. Everyone knew it was to keep it safe from Scott by this point.

“Allison, I’d like you to make contact with your Dad, see if he can get my father some backup, as I don’t think he has enough deputies at the moment to handle this many men.”

Stiles paused and then took out another sheet of paper, then quickly wrote out another few sentences. He folded it up and then handed it to Allison. “Once you call your father, please read this, but keep it to yourself. It’s information you need, but we don’t have time to really discuss it now.” Allison gave him a quizzical look, but just nodded and tucked the paper in her own pocket. She trusted Stiles enough to know that it was important and to do what she was told.

Stiles asked Lydia with his eyes whether she was staying or going and was made aware that she was most definitely staying to see this through, as were Ethan, Aiden, and Jackson.

Isaac slipped through the window first, then Scott and Aiden helped Mr. Harris through to him. The rest of the students that were leaving then exited followed by Allison and then Scott. Once Stiles saw Scott cross into the yard of the house on the far side of the parking lot, those left gathered up the party favors and started on their part of the plan.


Reaching the front of the house, Isaac lay Mr. Harris down on the ground and turned around to face the rest of the students with him. He nodded to Allison to call her dad and took out his own phone. Scott had reached out to get his from Isaac, but Isaac slapped his hand away. “No Scott, not yet. First, we need the cops here. Then you can call your mom.”

He looked around to everyone else who thankfully was still quietly standing in a small group. “We all need to stay quiet and not call attention to ourselves; we don’t want to alert anyone over at the school since we’re still pretty close.” Looking down at Mr. Harris, he made a decision. “Mr. Harris, I’m going to carry you a couple more streets up so that we’re a little further away before calling an ambulance, okay?”

“Good thinking, Mr. Lahey, on all counts. Let’s get going. I have a feeling I’m going to pass out soon.” His voice was getting weaker, and his skin was already pale, despite the first aid Allison and Stiles had given him.

Isaac didn’t like how jittery Scott looked, as if he was about to jet and ruin everyone’s plans. He glanced over at Allison, hoping that she would be able to calm him down. She caught his look and nodded that she understood, getting off the phone with her father after relaying the details — including that Isaac was getting hold of the Sheriff – and then made her way towards Scott. But first, she took out the note from Stiles.

“Scott, do me a favor and check on Mr. Harris’ bandages before we move him again, please?” Allison asked to keep him occupied while she read the note. Scott jumped to do her bidding with an adoring look on his face. Even Allison was a little disturbed by it this time. She quickly took out the note and scanned the message; she was shocked and then angry at what it contained. Now was not the time for anger though, and she pushed it aside before Scott would notice, as he was obviously hyper-vigilant about her and anything noticeably different in her heartbeat or emotional scent would trigger questions.

Isaac looked up as he spoke with the Sheriff on the phone and saw Allison motioning him over. She was texting something, and when he was near enough he could see her screen. All it said was “Text Derek to get his ass over here and what is going on, Scott might fuck it up for everyone. Dad knows what’s up, you called the Sheriff, Stiles handling stuff inside. Don’t let Scott know you are texting him.” She then deleted the screen quickly before Scott could see. It took a lot of self-control to keep it together, but she was suddenly curious about what else Scott could have lied about if something as huge as her mother’s death was one of them.

“Alright, people, let’s move. The ambulance will meet us three streets up, they are already on their way.” And with that, Isaac picked up Mr. Harris and started leading the group on. Allison made sure to keep Scott in her sights so that he couldn’t go haring off like he seemed to want to do the entire time.


Back at the school, the small strike team of students put their game plan into motion. Moving from their side of the school inwards, they kept sending students out of the windows: Lydia was guarding the classroom with Jackson further along the hallway. Each time they took another asshole down, they gave the spiel about “shoes off, phones off, no special snowflakes”. To keep everyone safe, they all regrouped in the chemistry classroom to see them off each time.

Chris Argent had shown up outside the chemistry classroom windows to help escort students along with two deputies.

“Your father says to be careful, don’t die, and you’re grounded.”

“Of course, of course, and I figured,” Stiles responded, relieved to have some actual useful help. “I’m assuming there’s an assembly line of help from now on so there are no students straying from the safe path to the houses?”

“Pretty much. Also so that no ‘would-be heroes‘ try and return.” Chris gave Stiles a meaningful glance, indicating that he knew full well what that message to Allison contained. “A couple of attempts have already been made and thwarted.”

“Color me shocked,” was all Stiles had to say about it. Now was not the time to get up on his soapbox of how things with Scott were fucked up. “We need to continue with this. Can you spare two guys to help us here? I’m not too keen on leaving Lydia in the room alone the further we get from it.”

Chris agreed and sent one of the deputies off to get a couple of his men to come towards them. By the time the next group of students were ready to escape, the strike team had two more bodies to help gather and defend. It was a well oiled and thought out plan. Soon enough, they would have everyone out.


Sheriff Stilinski could not believe what he was hearing. Well, not exactly. He could believe it, he just didn’t want to. To the left of him, Scott McCall was trying to tell him that Mr. Harris had hired some gunmen to take over the school and that Stiles was acting crazy because of Lydia Martin, trying to show off for her. To the right of him, Isaac Lahey and Allison Argent were explaining that Stiles managed to strategize a rescue plan — after disarming their hostage-taker and putting him out of commission. And there went Mr. Harris in an ambulance promising Scott suspension for the rest of the year.

All of the students were glaring at Scott the more he spoke; Allison – the supposed love of his life – was one second away from stabbing him with the nearest sharp implement; Isaac was doing his best to stay between Scott and Derek Hale, whom Scott was now trying to blame for something – although he was not quite sure what. Suddenly the lawman was not so sure about all those times he had blamed Stiles for the lies and troublemaking, it was really Scott’s fault if this mess was anything to go by.

“Scott, I need you to shut up. Now.”

“What? But Sher –” Scott started with a whine.

“I said shut up. As in quiet. No more speaking. Zip it.” He glared at the young man until Scott lowered his eyes in submission. He kept staring a few minutes longer to make his point.

Looking around a moment he gestured towards a deputy and one of Argent’s men. “You two stay with him. He doesn’t go anywhere or use any phones. Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” they both replied.

“You three, with me,” he ordered pointing at Derek, Isaac, and Allison.

None of them were under any misapprehensions that explanations were going to be needed. Full and complete explanations that included mentions of fur and claws, despite what Stiles might have wanted.


They were down to the cafeteria when of course, the other shoe dropped. Things had been going too well, almost too easy. Door opened, bad guy dropped, teacher silenced by out-stubborning, overriding them and shocking students into compliance. Students saved. Rinse and repeat.

And then suddenly, that wasn’t what was happening. Screams were heard, students started rushing out towards the small group causing them to stop and move to the side of the hallway, trying to move against the tide. Four gunmen were following behind them with their weapons held high, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. The panicked students just kept running, knocking into Lydia, taking her out. The two hunters were trying to shove students out of their way, but this just resulted in scaring them even more; most likely mistaking them for more of the hostage-takers instead of rescuers.

Ethan and Aiden tag teamed a pair of men charging towards them. Using their strength to pick them up by their chests, slam them down and knock them out. One of the hunters — crouched by the lockers now — grabbed a third gunman from behind as he passed quickly snapping his neck, not taking any chances. Jackson, distracted by Lydia’s predicament was slammed into the lockers by rushing students. He managed to yell out for Stiles distracting him as well. The final gunman saw all this, standing behind all the others. He saw the calm and determined faces, the attempts to direct the scared kids out of the way, the unfamiliar adults helping them, and the way his men were being taken out right in front of him. And he saw the one young man that was now looking away from him, back completely left vulnerable, and his way out of this clusterfuck.

He aimed.

He fired.

Lydia Screamed.

The down and dirty “why yes, the supernatural do exist” conversation had gone down pretty well, all things considered. So had the bullet pointed explanation of what had gone down in the school that led to Isaac reaching out to the Sheriff in the first place. Just as Isaac was explaining that Scott was getting out of control, all those of a supernatural inclination flinched, covering their ears.

“Something is wrong,” Derek growled, eyes flashing red. “We need to get to the school.”

“Was that Lydia?” Isaac asked, trying to shake off the ringing in his ears.

“Whatever that was — Allison, I need you get these students heading towards the hospital to get checked out and staying calm. Find the teachers and have them start organizing a way to get parents to come get them picked up.”

“Yes, sir.” But before she could head off to do that, they were all distracted by Scott once again trying to make a break for it.

“We need to get over there right now!”

Scott pushed the deputy in front of him away too hard and it flung him into the nearest tree. Thankfully, Derek managed to catch him before he was injured. Moving into Scott’s path, Derek pushed him back down.

“You aren’t going anywhere, not as out of control as you are. Do you even have a plan?”

You! This is all your fault!” The commotion was bringing everyone’s attention to them, quiet spreading over the entire crowd as they settled in to watch the show. They had all heard about the mysterious Derek Hale. “I know you had something to with this!”

“Are you fucking kidding me, McCall? What, are you going to accuse me of murder, again? How fucking stupid are you? I’m out here trying to help these Deputies come up with a plan to help the rest of the students get out of the school safely, and all you’re doing is distracting them from doing their job. What are you going to do, charge in there like an idiot, no plan at all?”

When Scott didn’t answer, everyone around him just glared. “That’s what I thought. Just sit there, be quiet and stay out of it. We all know that Stiles is the one who has saved our lives countless times. Stiles is the one who comes up with the plans to get us away from the trouble you end up causing because you can’t stop thinking with your dick. So just sit there, shut up, and stay out of the way.”

Before anything else could be said or question what Derek was talking about one of the radios came to life.

Shots fired, shots fired, man down. Backup required on site right now. Sheriff get over here!

The Sheriff paled, but stood firm. Turning to Isaac he asked, “Can you keep him here,” pointing to Scott, “until his mother arrives? I don’t want him interfering.”

“Yes, sir. And I’m sure some of the other students would be more than happy to help.” A few other lacrosse players stepped up and nodded in agreement, circling them.

Sheriff Stilinski called for another ambulance to meet them at the school, and while he had no idea who was injured, he just had this bad feeling in his gut.


“Holy fuck, that hurts,” Stiles said as the gunman grabbed him, spun him so he was back to chest, gun to head.

“Everyone freeze,” the man with the gun ordered into the silence of Lydia’s scream.

“Yeah, I think they got that part down already, buddy.”

“Shut the fuck up, you little shit. I’ve already shot you once, want me to do it again?”

“Want? Not really, no. Hey, what should I call you? Asshole with a gun just seems a bit long and if we’re gonna be here a while, then a proper name would be best, right?” Stiles did his best stay bright, cheery, and as obnoxiously teenager-like, hoping it would keep the remaining students calm. Maybe it would give the twins some time to help him out since they were closest.

“You don’t need to call me anything, just shut your mouth and do what I tell you.”

“Uh, yeah, that’s not really something I do well. Like, at all. You can ask pretty much anyone in front of you. So how about Frank? Or Maurice? Or maybe –“

“Does my having a gun to your head mean absolutely nothing to you? Is there something wrong with you?”

“Yes,” came the immediate collective reply.

“And there you go. I think I’ll go with Maurice. I think it’s nice, very exotic.” Maurice’s hand tightened in annoyance, pressing on the gunshot wound in Stiles’ shoulder, so Stiles brazenly moved his hand to make his captivity less painful.

“There, that’s better. So let’s talk, Maurice, because, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re all a bit confused as to why this is happening.”

“Did you just move my hand to make yourself more comfortable?”

“Yes. Keep up, Maurice. I mean, really.” He adjusted his position once again, sneaking a look at Aiden and Ethan, judging their distance. They were slowly making their way closer. One of the hunters was keeping watch over the students nearest to hem, ready to provide cover should the need arise.

“Stop baiting him, loser,” Jackson chimed in.

“No, no, I would like to know the reason for all this as well, sweetie,” Lydia said with a cold smile on her face. “And of course he’s baiting him, it’s like you’ve never met him at all.”

“The people have spoken, Maurice, so give it up. Why this elaborate plan for getting us out of a math test today?”

Once more Stiles adjusted his stance, this time turning both his and Maurice’s bodies so that their backs were slightly facing the twins’ direction, giving them more space to move. He just hoped none of the students gave them away. His strength was waning, so this needed to end soon.

“We were hired to collect a student who just inherited a fortune. Don’t know the first name, only last.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s the name, dude?”

“Don’t call me ‘Dude’.”

“Sure thing, buddy, ol’ pal. So what’s the name?”

“Family name is Jax, but he’s been adopted, so no clue what his adopted name is. So if you know who it is, you better tell me now,” he demanded, digging the butt of the gun into Stiles’ head.

It took Stiles no time at all to put the clues together, to figure out who they were looking for while casually if not recklessly batting away Maurice’s gun from his head as if it were an annoying insect. One glance at Lydia and he knew she had figured it out as well. They needed to end this before anything was said aloud. Finding out who the inside man was could be left for his father to figure out.

“Right, so Maurice, here’s the thing, I kind of want to go home. I’m in a bit of pain here, and these guys all look like they either need to pee and/or go throw up. So how about we all go our separate ways. Except you. You can go to jail or something.”

“Well aren’t you just the talented comedian. Don’t quit your day job, kid.”

“Yeahsureyoubetcha. The thing is, Maurice, I’m pretty sure this is gonna go my way.”

“Oh yeah? How’s that, you little shit. I’m the one with the gun.”

“Well, first of all, you aren’t the only one with a gun.” Before Maurice could react to that Stiles was already moving, as were the twins and the hunters. “And second, I was just waiting for my backup to get in place.”

“Your wha –”

Ethan and Aiden came at him from behind and on both sides, Stiles twisted around and down, but not before Maurice had fired another shot, this time, somewhat more effectively.


Stiles waited patiently for his father to get himself settled, dreading this conversation. He knew that having his father in the know about the supernatural meant things would change at home, but maybe it would mean that the distance between them would close as well. But it just appeared as if he was setting himself up to be resigned about the situation as well as waiting for the other shoe to drop. Although it could just be that the pain meds were making it difficult to put two and five together.

Before they could begin the door to his hospital room opened and Derek Hale walked in, along with Isaac, Jackson, Lydia, and surprisingly enough Allison and Chris Argent. “Um, hello. Does someone want to tell me what’s going on here? Sourwolf? Bueller?”

“Stiles, while everything was happening, we had to give your father a rundown of everything going on in town, albeit a really, really abbreviated version,” Isaac stepped in to explain.

“You had maybe 10 minutes to tell him everything, I’m betting. So what did you do? ‘Hey, Sheriff, werewolves are real, things are fucked up in town and it’s turning into a Hellmouth. But, hey, right now forget all that because your son is stuck in a school full of assholes with guns?’ What. The. Actual. Fuck?”

“Language, son.”

“That’s the part you’re picking at here? Come on!”

“Would you rather I start on the part where you’ve been hiding a huge part of your life for the last year or so? Where you’ve been putting your life on the line? Lying to me? Lying to others?”

Tears were threatening to fall, but Stiles fought them back as he croaked out, “I couldn’t let you get hurt! There was too much going on and I won’t let you get put in the middle of this!”

“It’s my job to protect you, not the other way around, Stiles!”

There was silence, and deep breathing, and tears, and then some more silence. The others in the room just stood by and let the Stilinski’s have their moment, let them get it out now so it would be done and they could move on. They all knew how important it was to clear the air.

“How many times have you tried to tell me? How many times did Scott keep you from telling me everything?”

“Pretty much every time except the first time. I didn’t want to blame Derek that time at the school, that was all Scott. I absolutely did not want to be stuck between him and Allison, but Scott guilted me into it. I think he’s decided that he can use me when he needs to, but otherwise I’m not important. Pretty sure he’s used me as an alibi to his mom, considering the looks I’ve been getting from her.”

“I wouldn’t put it past him since he decided it was completely okay to lie to me about my Mom and blame it all on Derek even though it was all his fault,” Allison chimed in.

“And you will be explaining that in further detail later on,” the Sheriff said to her before turning back to his son.

“You need to rest. Someone named Deucalion has requested that we all meet at the house as soon as you are allowed to be released. Apparently, the Alpha Pack has some things they need to speak to us all about.”

“And that doesn’t sound ominous at all, nope, not one bit,” Stiles mumbled, already falling asleep again.


It was a week later that Deucalion led his pack into the Stilinski living room where Stiles lay propped up on the couch, the Hale pack spread around him. Lydia and Jackson had agreed to join Derek, negotiations for Danny being a permanent member were underway. The last person joining them, purely for information gathering was Melissa McCall.

In the preceding week, Stiles had filled his father in on every detail of his furry adventures so far, including his emotional roller-coaster of a friendship with Scott, and how he no longer believed it existed. After being interrogated to get all the facts, and after Isaac, Allison, Derek, Jackson, and Lydia had received the same treatment, they decided that it was time to speak with Melissa as well.

It seemed that Melissa had been fed quite a large serving of lies from her son, and she was beside herself with worry about what to do. The fallout from the school hostage crisis was ongoing; no student wanted anything to do with Scott. He had been kicked off the lacrosse team, no one spoke with him any longer and no one sat with him at lunch. The kicker was, he still blamed it on everyone else and took no responsibility for it.

After the formal introductions were out of the way, Deucalion began. “Thank you for giving us some time to take care of this. As you know, we have been in town to see how your pack has been operating. There has been much talk about the upheaval in the area, about the potential outing of the supernatural due to so much activity. After seeing you all in action, and seeing your interactions, we have realized that it’s not the Hale pack itself that is the problem.”

“So what do you see as the problem, then? And do you have a solution already?” The Sheriff asked.

“Yes,” he answered, and then turning he addressed Derek. “Derek, you are to be commended for stepping into your role so quickly, even though you were never really trained for it. But part of the problem is that you have a wolf in your territory that is essentially an omega. He is a threat to the whole community and to your pack as well. I am speaking, of course, of Mr. McCall.

“Mrs. McCall, while everyone speaks very highly of you, your son has a lot of growing up to do. I am sorry to tell you, it will not be done here. If he continues as he is now it is more than likely he will be put down.” Deucalion paused as Melissa seemed to need a moment to digest this.

“I’m sorry, it’s not like I didn’t expect this, but it’s still hard to hear. Please go on. If you have an area you can recommend, please let me know. If there is a pack I can help with my skills, I would be more than happy to do so.”

“Thank you, yes. There is a pack in Nevada that would very much like your assistance. They have extensive experience with troubled werewolf youth, a “boot camp”, so to speak. It is on a ranch, so I think young Scott will enjoy working with the animals. Also, I think being away from Doctor Deaton will do him well. I heard about that ridiculous plan of his.” Everyone grimaced in remembrance. “That is such an incredible violation of person, of oaths, of ethics and of pack. I think the further you take Scott from that man, the better.”

“Yes, I agree,” she said. “I’ve already given notice at work and they all understand. My boss has written me a glowing recommendation and is ready to send it wherever I ask. Please just send me the information,” she told him handing him a card with her contact numbers and email.

“Derek, I would like to leave the twins here for a couple months to go over information that I think you need to learn, such as rituals, legends, traditions. I will take Isaac to join Erica and Boyd, who are already with Kali learning the basics of what being a beta is all about; I will return them in about a month if that’s alright with you.”

“Isaac, is that okay with you?” Derek asked, not wanting to displace the young man without asking, considering his rocky history.

“Yes, I think being with the two of them again would be great, and this way we can train without there being another ‘problem of the week’ at the same time. Stiles was right about this place turning into the Hellmouth!”

Everyone laughed, but Stiles was strangely silent. When the Sheriff looked over at his son, he noticed he had dozed off again.

“Right, I think that’s all our cue to go away and leave him be. Thank you, everyone.”

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