Owning It: Chapters 1 – 4

Title: Owning It

Fandom: Teen Wolf, Blue Bloods, Marvel Comics Universe (Cinematic), Mortal Kombat

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski/Jamie Reagan, Peter Hale/Erin Reagan, Scott McCall/Allison Argent

Warnings: Major Character(s) Death, rampant assholery, snark, not for Scott fans.

Summary: All because Scott made all his decisions with his dick and sided with Hunters over his friends and family the whole world went to shit. Once again, it’s up to Stiles to save the day…all he has to sacrifice is his mortality.

Timeline: This takes place at the end of Season 2 of Teen Wolf, nowhere specific in Mortal Kombat (just borrowing a couple characters, really), nowhere specific in Blue Bloods, just using the characters, and begins before the first Iron Man movie (however, the Marvel movie!verse will play a role in how things chug along).

Beta: Thanks to Icefallstears for being an excellent cheerleader/beta/idea wall

Chapter 1

Stiles Stilinski was seated in his living room, waiting for Derek and Peter Hale to show up. Thank God Peter saw his signal to wait after that whole shit show in the warehouse was done. Dropping back into this time was jarring, and it was a lucky thing he was able to find his balance so quickly so as not to alert anyone. It felt like an abrupt stop against the wall of the ice rink when he didn’t have a clue how to break normally.

Peter must be sensitive to magic, though, as he did sense that something had happened. Hell, the only reason he probably acquiesced to Stiles request for silence and patience was his curiosity.

Sheriff Stilinski, however, was sitting not so patiently in the living room of the Stilinski home waiting alongside his son. When Stiles came home with a “Dad, we gotta talk,” he became anxious. Hopefully, this wouldn’t turn into another night of lies and his son might actually put some trust in his old man.

“Who are we waiting for here, Stiles?”

“Derek and Peter.”

“Hale?” He asked in a what he thought was a calm manner.

“Um-hum,” Stiles answered distractedly, still trying to figure out the best way to break all of this to his father while texting with Derek. He needed to make sure that only Peter and Derek showed up. Everything would be ruined if that asshat Isaac tagged along.

“How about you explain to me why we’re expecting the Hale’s and how you even know them well enough to invite them over to our house? Last I knew, you were accusing Derek of murder.”

“Right, about that –”


“What? I didn’t accuse him the second time, that was all Scott.” He flailed at his father. “And I promise I will explain everything from beginning to end; no more lies, no more obfuscation on anything. It’s just — they need to be here,” he continued before the Sheriff could interrupt. “There’s a lot to cover and decisions to be made and they need to be a part of it.”

“And Scott, why isn’t he here? You two are usually in it up to your necks together.”

The Sheriff was shocked as his son’s face transformed into one of immense anger. “Stiles, what –”

“Not now, Dad. Just –” he sighed, “just leave it alone for now, okay? Explanations have to wait until Derek and Peter get here.”

Seeing the sincerity in his son (finally!) he sat back and waited for the other men to join them. “I better be getting some steak out of this, son. I have no idea what’s going on, but I already know it’s going to cost you steak at the least.”

“There will be steamed cauliflower next to that steak and it will be eaten!”

“Oh, come on, Stiles.”

“Nope, no, no, no. You want steak? Fine, I can see that being a reward for listening and not shooting anybody tonight. But there will be vegetables on that plate and you will eat them! It’s gonna happen, Dad, don’t try to fight it.” Dropping his voice a bit and putting on a blank face he says, “Resistance is futile.”

The Sheriff just stares at his son for a moment before cradling his head in his hands in resignation. “You didn’t just bring Star Trek into this conversation. I refuse to believe it.”

“Deal with it,” the young man responded, feeling a bit more lighthearted regardless of what he was about to share with his father.

Right then a soft knock was heard from the front door. The Sheriff got up to let in their guests, eager to get this night over with.

“Come on in gentlemen, I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say.”

Once they were all seated (with drinks, because Stiles is ever the gracious host), Stiles began his (epic) tale.

“Well, Dad, the thing is Beacon Hills has a bit of a Hellmouth problem,” he explained ignoring the twin snorts from Derek and Peter, “and I just came back from 15 years in the future to make sure the world doesn’t derail again.” Twin looks of shock replaced the bemusement on the other men’s faces.

“Stiles, I expected better from you,” Sheriff Stilinski started ranting, “I thought this was going to be a serious talk!”

“Well, I don’t know about the time travel bit,” interjected Peter, “but the Hellmouth analogy is correct.”

“And don’t try and front here that you don’t know about the supernatural, Dad,” Stiles added, “Who do you think sent me back here? Been in touch with Raiden lately?”

Spitting out his drink, the Sheriff stared at his son in shock. “How the hell do you know about Raiden? You weren’t a part of –”

Stiles just sat there with a smug air about him, having finally gotten one up on his dad. “I refer you to the aforementioned time travel, and no.”

“Stop being a smart ass, son. This isn’t the time for it.”

“It’s always the time for it.”

“Can you two stop, please, and fill the rest of us in?” Derek asked. “Is this part of why you texted to come with just Peter and not Isaac? And where’s Scott?” The name said full of loathing, which surprisingly didn’t get the reaction everyone had expected from Stiles.

“Yeah, that asshole isn’t coming anywhere near me again. But before I explain that,” he said over the questions coming at him from every direction, “I need to explain everything that’s happening now, and how it began to my dad. And then I’m going to need all of you to help me figure out where to go from here.”

There was a beat of silence while they all contemplated exactly what could have happened in the future to make him come back, and why now.

“I need to explain to you, dad, what’s happened the last year, and I need you to keep an open mind and not shoot Peter.”

“What the hell, Stiles?”

“Stiles –“ Derek started.

“No, really. I’m going to tell you all of it.” He sat forward in earnest. “Just know that Peter has already been killed for his crimes, been resurrected, and is on his way back to sanity,” he directed at his father. “Also, he really is on his way back to being how you remember him from your childhood, Derek. Please just believe me.” With that disclaimer, he looked at Peter, and simply asked with his eyes if he was okay to continue. Getting a nod from the man, Stiles sat back and focused on his father once again.

“Right. So remember when you caught Scott out in the woods the night Laura Hale’s body was found?”

The Sheriff just sighed.

Chapter 2

Stiles told his father the long and exhausting story of fucked up-ness that had taken over his life the past year with some help from the peanut gallery. When it looked like the Sheriff was about to take out his handcuffs to use on Peter, Stiles jumped up and put himself between them.

“Dude, he was already killed for his crimes as a tool of vengeance. Please remember that the Peter from the coma ward is no longer among us. I promise to explain that more in depth,” he rapidly explained to the very tense lawman in front of him, “just as soon as we get the history lesson over with and move on to the future lesson.”

Sheriff Stilinski again took measure of his son, his little boy who is suddenly a man, and decided to trust him. Relaxing once more, he waved Stiles on to continue the story.

“Sourwolf, ease up on the glare there, man. There are things you don’t know about your uncle and his situation. We’ll get to it.” He hoped and prayed he could get through this whole thing without bloodshed. “Just keep your claws to yourself and let me finish this part, okay?”

Derek took his time giving in, as was inevitable. He had listed to Stiles’ heartbeat throughout the story and explanation so far and nothing had registered as a lie. Surprisingly, Stiles didn’t place the blame on the angry young man at all.

On and on it went without any breaks for bathroom or food. All of them just wanted to get this out of the way and find out what this whole time travel business was about.

Once Stiles arrived at the geriatric beat down, him being the recipient, his father once again tensed. “Dad, this one I will let you take care of, but tomorrow. I know where the sick fuck –”


“– will be staying. I’ll go with you to the station to make a report and everything. But now we come to the worst part of the whole thing, and most recent — Scott’s brilliant plan with the Amazing Alan Deaton.”

“Not a fan of our local druid?” asked Peter, curious as to what could put so much derision into Stiles’ voice.

“I don’t trust that asswipe — ”

Language, Stiles.”

“– as far as I could throw him. When I was bringing Lydia over to cure Jackson with the power of love — and how disgustingly sappy was that? Seriously, it was like a horror version of a Disney film with the town prince and his fair maiden. Well, if his maiden was –”

“Stiles, focus on the story. Finish this part off quickly and we can start a pot of coffee and take a break,” his father offered, knowing that his son’s medication was wearing off at this point.

“Right, right. Okay. So apparently, this whole time we were fighting against the Evil Argents and working to figure out what’s the deal with the Kanima, Scotty boy has been working with them and betraying us all left and right. Once again, Deaton fucked over the Hales and is trying to raise Scott to a new level. Scott actually thought it would be okay to use Derek’s body against his will and force him to bite Gerard.”

Derek’s growl was low, but still heard by everyone in the room. Stiles and Peter both put hands on him in reassurance, helping him to calm a bit, still silent.

“I’ll get back to all of Deaton’s other misdeeds in a moment, but here he concocted this plan that would give Gerard what he wanted – a bite to cure his cancer – but then deny it to him via the mountain ash pills he was unknowingly taking. Scott decided that instead of coming to you or me or Derek about Gerard threatening his mom, that abusing the people who have done nothing but try and help him was the right path.” Stiles got up and started pacing, unable to sit still any longer with this much frustration plus lack of Adderall in his system.

“I had no idea this was going on and I would have stopped it, Dad. I really would have. Scott had no right to use Derek like that. That moron decided in the beginning of all this that Derek was a Bad Guy – can you hear the capital letters there? – regardless of the fact that he kept saving his ass, making sure he didn’t kill anyone. And as soon as all the saving was done, what does that idiot do? He runs off with his precious Allison again, ignoring the mess he’s leaving behind, and all the people he screwed over, as well. Argh!”

Seeing the agitation is just getting worse, and needing some time to process what he was told so far, the Sheriff opts to take a break. “All right, I need to think all this over for a few minutes. This is a lot to digest, but I really want to hear the rest.” He holds up a hand, stopping the questions and comments about the spew forth from his son. “Stiles, I need to hear what else has you so up in arms about Scott, a boy you’ve been friends with for over a decade. What you’ve told me so far is very damning, but I need the whole story. I’m guessing what comes next is the future stuff?”

“Yeah, yeah, from here on it’s future stuff.”

“And how you ended up hooking up with Raiden of all people? Do I get that story as well?”

“He actually sought me out, but yeah, that’s a story for later. I really need to pee, now.”

“Lovely, Stiles.” The Sheriff just shakes his head and wanders off to the kitchen to put on the coffee. Gentlemen, make yourselves at home. Feel free to get whatever you want out of the fridge. Stiles, maybe you should put in an order of whatever is open this later for all of us.”

Everyone did their assigned tasks and made their own trips to the bathroom before getting comfortable in the bathroom again.

“Right, it’s time to continue the exposition.” At this point Stiles had a pad and pen on his lap, making notes of what he needs to cover. “So first, Deaton,” Stiles began again. “The man is a druid, like I explained earlier. He was supposed to be the emissary to the Hale pack, advising them and helping them when they needed it. The problem is that after the fire, where was he? He didn’t stop Laura from abandoning Peter and the Hale land, he didn’t help Laura and Derek find their way to safety and give them the information they needed to keep things going smoothly here; he definitely didn’t make any effort to find out if any other Hales survived.” Here both the Hales sat up straight with desperate looks upon their faces. “Yes, there is another Hale or two running around, we’ll get to it in a minute.” Stiles put a hand on Derek’s shoulder once more. “Please, just let me get to it in order. The missing two that I know of are alive but not in positions for us to go running off right this minute to retrieve. Each of them has their own set of circumstances that we’re going to have to plan for so there is as little bloodshed – on our side, at least – as possible.”

After another tense moment, both Hales nodded at him and sat back again, letting Stiles continue. “Since this mess started again Deaton has made no attempt to approach any of the Hales. He didn’t even seek Derek out once Laura’s body was discovered. Instead he has been pushing Scott into a very specific position, making sure that he doesn’t trust Derek and nurturing his relationship with the Argents and now Isaac.”

“Exactly what is his agenda, Little Red?”

“Ugh, that name is not going to become a thing, okay? That can’t become a thing because it is hella creepy!”

“Answer his question, Stiles,” Derek interrupted before the two could get into a sass fest.

“Here’s the thing: Scott has the potential to turn in a True Alpha.”


“Derek, do we need to have a talk about proper inflection when phrasing a question?”

“Stiles,” the Sheriff said, pulling his son’s focus back to him, “what is a True Alpha and why do I feel like that’s capitalized?”

“It’s a beta that naturally ascends to alpha status through force of will and strong character,” Peter answered, looking at Stiles in wonder. “Exactly how would that idiot get there? I am not impressed with any of his decisions thus far, so how, pray tell, would he become something so rare and admired?”

“Because this summer Deaton makes Scott study, train, and spend a lot of time with him to make sure that he is pushed in that direction. The thing is, though, is that there’s an Alpha Pack here in town holding three betas hostage. And here we get into more future stuff.”

“Three betas.” Derek repeats, eyes going alpha red, protective instincts urging him to make sure his pack is okay.

“Yeah, three. Chill out, Sourwolf, we will come up with a plan to rescue all of them, but you need all the information first. Rushing in there like an idiot will get everybody killed.”

“Just get on with it Stiles,” his father urged, not wanting to see exactly how far Derek’s patience could be stretched.

“The thing is, all of the problems of the future started because of Scott’s betrayal, once again, with Deucalion, and his subsequent desire to not be a killer, no matter the consequences.”

“Explain.” “Deucalion?!” came from the Hales simultaneously.

“Yeah, Deucalion, who Scott lets live regardless of all the blood on his hands. And even better, there’s also a Darach loose in town preparing to sacrifice people for power, and that’s not even the worst of it, because it’s the next event that is the most important to stop.”

“Stop beating around the bush and just spit it out, Stiles,” the Sheriff demanded, tired and stressed.

“Well, Scott becomes a True Alpha and decides that this means he can do anything he wants, doesn’t have to listen to Derek or Peter’s advice, no matter that they actually have the experience to back it up. He is so reckless and still obsessed with that psycho bitch, Allison, that he ends up exposing the supernatural to the school at large.”

“Repeat that.” Derek once again states his question in disbelief.

“BHHS gets taken hostage by a group of hunters, and instead of working with everyone on the plan and keeping everyone alive, he rushes off – shifted, mind you – to rescue his psycho bitch girlfriend who wasn’t in any danger to begin with.”

Peter was the only one to speak in the silence that followed that statement.

“I definitely bit the wrong teenager.”

Chapter 3

The Sheriff just glared at Peter for a while until his son stopped flailing about and saying “Dude, not cool!” a few times.

“Just fill us in on the Alpha Pack for now, we’ll go over the hostage thing tomorrow,” Derek growled, patience having run out quite a while ago.

“Right, okay. Well, actually, the hostage thing might not be an issue if we take care of the alpha thing and the Darach thing now. It was all the murder and mayhem of this summer that brought those hunters here…well, and Gerard.” Stiles went silent, getting lost in his own head for a bit, until his father threw a napkin at his head.

“Just a little longer, son, then we can all get some sleep and reconvene tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay,” Stiles agreed and proceeded to fill in the blanks on both the current threats. It took about an hour or so, what with all the interruptions, and then the insistence that the two Hale men not rush right out to rescue their family member thought long dead.

“Okay. You two,” the Sheriff directed, pointing at Peter and Derek, “need to eat and sleep and meet us back here tomorrow. I’ll get the plans for the bank, Stiles can run his scenarios, then we’ll get everyone safe and sound.”

Everyone agreed to the plan and they broke up for night, each of them heading to get some much needed sleep.

Next day.

Stiles watched his father shuffle around the kitchen putting his own breakfast together. “You seem to be okay with this whole future thing, like you have no problem believing it.”

“You are definitely you, just calmer, less flail. Makes it hard not to believe.”

“I do not flail!”

His father gave him a disbelieving look with raised eyebrows and everything. “I don’t!”

“It’s a very manly flail, son.”

“Dad, not cool!”

The Sheriff simply smirked as he finished doctoring his coffee and sat down at the table.


He looked up at his son, and put his coffee back on the table. “What.”

“Uh, no. You can’t absorb Derek’s inability to insert any inflection on his statements that should be questions. That’s just not acceptable.”

“Stiles, what do you need to tell me?”

“Much better.” At the glare he was now receiving he hurried on, “We might be receiving a guest today?”

“Is that a question or statement, Stiles?”

“More a guestimate. I spent a good few years with Raiden, so I just have this feeling that he’ll be showing up today.”

A knock at the door put the conversation on hold, Stiles getting up to answer and letting in Peter and Derek once more.

“Yes, do we get an explanation on this mystery Raiden today?” Peter asked, crossing over to the coffee pot to serve himself.

“Good morning to you, too, dude.”

“Oh, my apologies, Stiles. Good morning, how are you today? What’s the plan for the rescue?”

“Peter apologizes for being, well, himself,” Derek said, shaking the Sheriff’s hand in hello and taking his own seat. “We’re just a bit anxious about Cora, I’m sure you understand.” Turning to Stiles, he continued, “And we still don’t know who the 2nd surprise member of the Hale family is.”

“I have to go in to get the plans for the building in a little bit, but Stiles was about to tell me about Raiden.”

“Derek, I’ll get to that once we take care of these messes first. The second one is not in any trouble at the moment.” Addressing his father, he finally gave the answers he was waiting for. “He found me in the future, helped train my gifts, and then we decided to send me back when the world was basically one big warzone of humanity vs. the supernatural. Beginning, middle, end.” Stiles just continued to eat his cereal, not caring that his explanation left a lot to be desired.

“Gifts.” Derek asked — sort of.

“And how do you know this Raiden?” asked Peter towards the Sheriff.

“Ah, well, my name wasn’t always Stilinski. I actually took my wife’s name when we married. My maiden name is Carlton, John Carlton.”

“Holy shit, you’re Johnny Cage!” Derek exclaimed. “I’ve seen your movies. You just kind of disappeared from the martial arts scene.”

“Yes, a lot happened, then I met my wife, and decided it would be safer for everyone is Johnny Cage disappeared.” John Stilinski tidied up his breakfast dishes and got ready to head out. “You all better stay out of trouble — or really, keep Stiles out of trouble for the hour or so I’m gone.”


“If Raiden does show up, don’t let him be all cryptic and get these guys in a tizzy.”

“Tizzy? Who says that, dad? Come on!”

“Shut up, Stiles,” both Derek and his father replied. All they got was a wide grin in response.

A few hours later Raiden had arrived, the Sheriff had returned, and plans were underway for operation rescue. They decided to split the threats between the group; Stiles and Raiden would take the Darach and the three others would take the Alpha Pack.

Midmorning was determined to be the best time go about the rescue, hoping to keep the betas from the moonlight as long as possible until they could be contained for the evening. Derek’s newly acquired loft would house everyone until they were deemed safe, mostly because of the lack of neighbors to hear the growling.

Surprisingly, everything actually went to plan.  Betas were rescued and contained, alphas were poisoned, Morrell was knocked out, Ms. Blake was dispatched. Stiles wondered why all plans couldn’t go like this. Seriously.

“See what happens when we’re patient and plan things out?” Stiles asked, poking Derek in the side. All he got for his trouble was Alpha Eyes and growling. “Words, Derek, use your words.”

“Go home, Stiles. We’ll catch them up on what’s happened and figure out what they want to do.”

“Yeah, sure. You ready to go, Dad? Raiden?”

“Sure, we’ll let them do their thing and settle some of our own issues.” The last part was, of course, directed at Raiden. He really wanted to know what was going on with his old friend, and to make sure he wasn’t calling for Mortal Kombat.

Once they were home Raiden was more than happy to answer John’s questions while Stiles went about preparing some document on his computer.

By the time Derek, Peter, and Cora had joined them the next day Stiles was ready to move on to the next part. Once everyone was seated comfortably, Derek explained that Erica and Boyd still wanted to leave Beacon Hills, as they didn’t feel safe with the burgeoning hellmouth issue. This was all fine with the Hale family, as they were considering leaving this place and starting over fresh somewhere else.

This fit perfectly with what Stiles wanted to do, and so he began explaining his own part, already knowing what Raiden wanted from him.

“You know that the next step is for me to leave this place, right?” Stiles asked anxiously. “There is no way that I, or the Hales, can stay here and survive. It’s just one shit storm after another compounded by Deaton’s plans.”

John sighed, “Yeah, son, I figured that. Do you know what you want to do?”

“Yeah, and we’ll need Aunt Pep, as she’ll be able to help coordinate and execute my plans here.”

Trusting that his son knew what he needed if he was willing to bring another person in on this, he went ahead and started getting a hold of his late wife’s best friend. The Hale’s, however, were a little tense about bringing someone new in. “Aunt Pep isn’t an idiot, but we don’t need to fill her in on all the werewolf stuff, it’s mostly her organizational skills and contacts that I’ll need for this next part,” he quickly explained to make everyone relax again.

“All right, Pepper, you’re on speaker phone with Stiles, Raiden, Peter, Derek, and Cora Hale, and myself. I’ll let Stiles take over from here.”

“Hi, Aunt Pep! I hope you don’t mind me skipping the small talk, as were in a bit of a time crunch here.”

“No problem, sweetie, just tell me what I can do to help.”

“I know you know that I’ve been holding myself back in school because of Scott and his jealousy issues when it comes to me doing anything better than him.” This was news to a lot of people in the room, but they let it go for the moment. “Without going into detail, I no longer care what Scott wants or likes and would rather get going on my education with the speed that’s best for me. Also, this place isn’t as safe as it once was, and I think Dad would feel better if I relocated.”

“Um-hum, right. Anywhere in particular you’d like to go? What course of study are you leaning towards?” Pepper was all business as she starting going through possibilities in her head.

“I’m thinking forensics, trace and computer, maybe mechanical engineering, who knows? Also, folklore and mythology. I was thinking New York, by the way, and also entering that program for geniuses to test out of high school and start college earlier. Do you think we can swing all that? I want to be able to go to a school that will work with my learning speed, you know how I soak up knowledge and all that.”

Pepper was silent for a moment, keys clacking in the background as she did some searches. “Okay, yes, we can do all that. I’m going to get you registered for the test, you can take it here in California at the end of July, and then we’ll see about you getting into NYU. We’ll meet with an advisor there and get your courses squared away.”

Everyone was quite impressed with how quickly everything was happening, but stayed silent. They knew that they could figure out their own plans once Pepper was off the phone.

“Great, can you send me all the info, please?”

“Of course, Stiles. I’m copying your father on it. And Stiles? You better be coming to stay with me until the test happens.”

“Excellent idea, Pepper,” John interjected before Stiles could protest. “No, Stiles, you just said it yourself. ‘this place isn’t safe anymore.’” Stiles just nodded, giving in graciously for once. “Pepper, when do you want him out there? Is this going to be a problem with your boss?”

“No, Tony probably won’t even notice. Have Stiles show up here once the school year is out. That’s in about a month, right?”

“Yeah, that works out well for me. Thanks, Aunt Pep! I promise to bake some cookies in thanks.”

“They better be the peanut ones, mister. I’ll be in touch as the time grows closer for you to come out here. John, I’ll call you later about more details.”

“Thanks so much, Pepper. You have no idea how much stress this alleviates for me and him.”

“Anything for family, right? Take care of yourselves.”

Once Pepper was off the phone, the discussion began on who was going where and what they would do when they get there. It was decided that Stiles would get a new phone, leaving his old one behind so he couldn’t be traced. It had the side benefit of tracking when, exactly, Scott would notice that he was gone. A quick call back to Pepper and the new phone would be registered under Stark Technologies to keep his name and location safe. John wanted to get Melissa in on everything, but both Stiles and Derek begged him not to, citing her inability to go after her son for all the lies and ruining any chance of a peaceful getaway.

“Stiles, you will need to retrain, as you are back in a younger body. I will head to New York and set up a space for us. We will need to awaken your gifts some more, as well. What that druid was thinking, I have no idea. An emissary should never be thrown into things without some instruction like this. He could have gotten you killed!”

“Calm down, dude. We’ve already had the ‘Deaton is not trustworthy’ talk and we’re all on board with it. I know we need to train me up again, which we can do while I go to school. Everything will work out.”

“You’re training him as an emissary?” Derek asked, happy to finally be getting some answers on the gifts front.

“Of course he is, nephew, do pay attention. “ Peter just sat there looking all smug, as if he knew everything that was happening, going to happen, and why. “How else do you explain him training up that idiot so well, or his ability to manipulate mountain ash?”

Derek just sat in silence and thought about it while Cora just sat in silence all confused. “You’re both going to fill me in on everything in detail, right? I’m feeling a little lost.”

“Of course, Cora, we’ll take a road trip to one of the packs allied with Talia and explain everything. As a bonus, maybe your brother there can get some training himself.”

“Why don’t we go home so we can figure it out amongst ourselves? My head hurts from all this information and it’s been a crazy few days.”

“Agreed, Derek,” John said, also feeling the last few days catch up with him. “I’m going to get some sleep before my shift starts. Raiden, you’re welcome to the guest room. Stiles, go to bed.”

Chapter 4

Stiles felt like his life was an 80s movie montage the way things were going for the last month. Stiles and his father heading into the station to file the assault complaint against Gerard Argent; watching as Scott was once again obsessed with Allison and completely ignoring his existence and everything that had happened so far this year;  Raiden and he starting on his emissary training; Peter and Derek getting all their legal stuff settled for banking and insurance, Cora getting caught up in school; doing katas with his dad and Raiden.

Stiles had asked Derek what was the deal with his four betas, because God forbid he forgot about Jackson, and all he got was the usual glare and a “Shut up, Stiles.” Peter, thankfully, filled him in on what was what. It seemed that Boyd and Erica didn’t want Derek as their Alpha, they wanted someone more in the know about what the fuck they were doing; Isaac was already sniffing around Scott (and Allison) and seemed to forget he even had an alpha in Derek; Jackson’s family was moving across the country to get away from scandal. Stiles was still undecided on whether or not that was a good thing or if he now felt some sympathy for the king of douches after being used a murder tool.

It probably shouldn’t be so easy for him to just cut off ties with Scott, except for the part where Scott was the idiot that started the downfall of everything and he couldn’t forgive that, no matter how many times he might give him the puppy eyed look. He knew that the jerk blamed him for a whole bunch of stuff to his mom, which explained why Mrs. McCall didn’t want her son hanging around him — jokes on her, though; Stiles wasn’t the corrupting influence in that relationship.

But really all Stiles thought of when Scott’s name came up was watching his fellow classmates die because Scott didn’t follow the plan — a really fucking simple plan that Pinky wouldn’t have had a problem with — ran off to rescue his psycho bitch girlfriend, and not care that he was shifted and getting photographed by anyone with a cell phone. His insane appearance was replayed all over the world as the example for feral werewolves, making them an enemy of just about everyone.  Add that to his epically bad True Alpha attitude, where no one was allowed to have an opinion or object to his plans, or kill in self-defense, and their friendship was over before senior year had started. Besides, who can trust a guy who keeps choosing Hunters over his friends and family?!

Stiles refused to live through all that again, and would do anything to keep it from happening. However, at the moment, he was focusing on his own new future. When his father questioned why he wasn’t going for the route that would end with him having a badge, Stiles explained that with his Adderall dosage it wouldn’t be safe to be on the job like that. What would happen if he was crashing from his dosage for the day, but still on shift? He would be next to useless to his partner. It wasn’t a risk he was willing to take, so he would do what he could to help out those policing the streets from back in the lab. Besides, research was his bitch, and no one had Google-fu like him. He would be studying for his degrees along with studying for his pack position. And damn if he wasn’t going to make the Hale’s enter therapy…soooooo much therapy.

The next few years were going to be all kinds of interesting…as long as he could keep the world from going to hell. Besides, he still had to deal with the price of being sent back in time with the allowance to change history.

Stiles was definitely not looking forward to that conversation…with anyone.

Chapters 5-6


Chapters 7-11

Chapters 12-16

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