Owning It: Interlude

Title: Owning It

Fandom: Teen Wolf, Blue Bloods, Marvel Comics Universe (Cinematic), Mortal Kombat

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski/Jamie Reagan, Peter Hale/Erin Reagan, Scott McCall/Allison Argent

Warnings: Major Character(s) Death, rampant assholery, snark, not for Scott fans.

Summary: All because Scott made all his decisions with his dick and sided with Hunters over his friends and family the whole world went to shit. Once again, it’s up to Stiles to save the day…all he has to sacrifice is his mortality.

Timeline: This takes place at the end of Season 2 of Teen Wolf, nowhere specific in Mortal Kombat (just borrowing a couple characters, really), nowhere specific in Blue Bloods, just using the characters, and begins before the first Iron Man movie (however, the Marvel movie!verse will play a role in how things chug along).

Beta: Thanks to Icefallstears for being an excellent cheerleader/beta/idea wall

It was all over the news, there was no escape from the reality that his father was gone. This wasn’t what he imagined would happen when he came back in time to save the people he cared about.


“Phil? It’s Pepper. What do you know about werewolves?”

“Excuse me? Run that by me one more time, please?”

“Apparently I’ve been friends with a werewolf pack via my ‘nephew’ who is currently being targeted by overzealous psychopathic hunters.”

“Your nephew — I’m assuming the air quotes that I can hear through the phone means it’s not by blood –”

“Best friend’s son.”

“– is also a werewolf?”

“No, Peter called him an emissary.”

“He’s an em — fuck. Hold on, Pepper.” Coulson pulled out his tablet and typed out a message to a security team to relocate to Pepper’s position.

“That kid is never going anywhere alone ever again.”

“He has plans to travel to Europe and Japan as part of one of his masters that he’s going after.”

“We’ll assign him someone.”

“I’m guessing he underplayed his role?”

“And then some.”

“Deputy Parrish, any updates on the investigation?” Peter asked quietly, watching the room of people giving their condolences.

“I got a warrant for all her property, devices, and email to see how long she was hunting that family. Turns out she’s been getting letters from dear old grandpa and also visiting him on the sly. He’s been poisoning her mind for the last two years quite freely.”

“No wonder she went off the deep end so thoroughly. There wasn’t any semblance of sanity that I could see in the video they showed on the news.”

“I really wish they would stop showing that clip. He shouldn’t have to relive it every time he turns on the television.”

“We all appreciate you keeping the press off the property.”

“No problem, we all love the kid. What about your place in New York?”

“Ms. Potts and members of the neighborhood are taking care of it, no worries.”

“Stiles, why is Agent Coulson so freaked out about you being an emissary?”

“Ah, well –”

“Tell her the truth, Little Red, she needs to be prepared if we’re to continue having these pests harass us,” Peter interjected.

“I’m their advisor,” Stiles stated simply.

“You’re more than that and you know it, idiot.” Derek, as per usual, was glowering at Stiles as they all tidied up the house again after the day’s visitors had left.

“Stiles is our advisor, our healer, our conscience, and our sanity,” supplied Cora helpfully.

“So if something happened to you –” Pepper began, and immediately the wolves tensed at even the thought of something occurring to their emissary.

“If something happened to me, the pack would go nuts to either find me, help me, or avenge me.”

“Agent, any chance you’re going to fill me in, here?”


“Mr. Argent, you are not welcome here, especially not when you’re drunk.”

“Get out of my way, Deputy.”

“No. Deputy Jones, please ensure Mr. Argent gets home.”

“No problem, Parrish.”

“Mr. Stilinski, this is Agent Coulson. I’m sure Ms. Potts has mentioned me. I have some questions for you –”

“This isn’t a secure line.”

“A phone will be given to you within the hour.”

“Derek, where’s Raiden?” Pepper asked the alpha.

“He will meet us back in New York. He is in China at the moment visiting someone named Liu Kang. He said they would be waiting for us when we returned, there was no way he could be here in time.”

“Who is –”

“Another friend of the Sheriff’s from before he got married.”

“Oh Alpha, my Alpha, are you returning with us?”

“Cora and I will join you in a week or so.”

“Gentlemen, can we help you?”

“We came to pay our respects.” Deputy Parrish looked them over, not liking what he saw he decided to get rid of them as quickly and quietly as possible. The Sheriff had given them all a thorough talk about what it meant to live in this county and the type of people they might come across.

“They aren’t accepting visitors right this moment. Please leave.”

“Oh, his boy won’t mind seeing us, will they, men?”

“Yes, they will mind. Thank you for respecting his wishes and leaving. Now.” About five more men in black security uniforms appeared surrounding the supposed well wishers.

Pepper helped pack the last of his things that he would be taking immediately and sat on his bed. “As soon as we get back to New York you are giving me — and probably Tony by this point considering the annoying texts and messages I’ve received — a thorough explanation of everything that’s happened in the last four or five years.”

Chapters 1-4

Chapters 5-6

Chapters 7-11

Chapters 12-16


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