on Travelers (2016-?)


Summary: Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century, while attempting to change the path of humanity.
(Summary taken from IMDB)

The Good: Casting for this show was spot on. Also, the writers did not ignore the ripple effect principle. Yes, these people hijacked bodies of people in the past – and did not simply know everything about their lives and how to live them. MacLaren (Eric McCormack) has to do quite the fancy dance to make it look like he knows how to be a real live FBI agent while leading his five-person team of time travelers.

Not to mention that all of them have personal lives that are affected as well, which the writers do not shy away from presenting as well. The wives, husbands, caretakers, etc. notice there is a difference, and some can’t be shoved to the side about it.

I kept thinking that their Director, an AI in the future that was created to help solve all of the apocalyptic problems, was like JARVIS. At least, I hoped s/he would be.

The ending. Joanne Yates (Kimberley Sustad) was correct, that by the end the entire mess was of their own making. It was their job to clean it up. And wow, did they set themselves up for a beautiful ability to reset the show for season 4. PLEASE LET THERE BE A SEASON 4. (With better morals and no Grace.)

The Bad: It took at least 5 episodes for me to get into this series and two tries to stay involved. The characters were just obnoxious enough for me to say to myself, “what the fuck do I want with these people?” A lot of action comes across as obvious plot devices, which makes for boring television.

While I was a fan of Enrico Colantoni’s character Ingram on the whole, I felt that it was stretched out a bit far in the execution.

The Ugly: I was not a fan of the way the women in the show were used. They were all WLBs and having TSTL moments left and right. Marcy (MacKenzie Porter) constantly screwing with David’s (Patrick Gilmore) emotions made me so angry. Carly (Nesta Cooper) and the entire mess with her ex was just ugly from start to finish. So of course, she compounded it with an affair with MacLaren. Really.

One particular point I had issues with: The way Grace was turned into an annoying plot device turned potential pederast was really creepy. Even if the guy inside the body was ancient, the body was 17 going on 18 and she was in the body of his guidance counselor.

Grade: A-

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