EAD 2016

Art by Chesnut Nola

Here is where I’ll be posting my Evil Author Day entries. Please, I have a beta already, I don’t need your input on mistakes, grammar and spelling errors, etc. Thank you for reading.

So far the list consists of:

If it’s Broke, Fix It (NCIS/NUMB3RS) –  Unsure if I will keep it a Sentinel fusion or not
WARNINGS: No trigger warnings just yet
Tony, sick of being the scapegoat for Gibb’s temper and trusting the others to have his back gets out of dodge and transfers not only cities but agencies. Who knew he would meet his soulmate along the way, finding a place to actually call home…with a side of weirdness that no one saw coming.

The Very Definition (TW/James Bond, Sentinel Fusion) – original chapters posted on RT plus some extra –

WARNINGS: Major Character deaths offscreen

Stiles knew he wasn’t an ordinary emissary, he was also a guide. But he had no idea he would meet his sentinel by accident in an ambush meant for him.  MI6, of course, is just thrilled to get someone of his caliber in their analyst department, and as a bonus someone to ground their overworked, under socialized head geek.

Now if only Q would get with the program.

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