In the center there is text: Self-A Series in white layered over a sunset with a mountain range background. Another layer of shadows of people is to the left and right of the title with a paper tear effect in black and white.
Art by Saydria Wolfe

Multi part world – independent stories co-existing.


Part I – Self Respect

Fandom: Magnificent 7 (ATF)

No pairing

No warnings

Summary: Ezra Standish absolutely did not have to lie down and take it. He was better than that, and apparently, at least one other person agreed with him. So he was going to take this serendipitous opportunity and begin again. Again. Come what may. And the team?  Well, quite frankly, those gentlemen — using the term loosely, mind you — they could just go right on to hell.



Part II – Self Reliance

Fandom: NCIS

No Paring

No Warnings

Summary: After the whole Rivkin debacle, Tony realizes the only person reliably watching his six is himself.

Good thing his friend Cam let him bend his ear to whine every once in a while and came up with a solution to his woes.

Timeline: Right after Abby and McGee see that Tony is back without Ziva, they run off to Gibbs to get an explanation with Ducky, leaving Tony in the office alone.

Thanks to my lovely betas SayWolfe and MyzticMyanMøøn



Part III – Sense of Self

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

No Pairing

Warnings: Mentions of love spells, behavior mods

Summary: Xander has let Willow and Buffy destroy any sense of self he has left long enough. It’s time he cut them out. He has given them enough of himself, and now, after so many battles, after losing friends, after making new ones, after injuries, and betrayals, and Africa, it’s time to find himself. It’s time to move on.

Thanks to my lovely beta, MyzticMyanMøøn



Part IV – Self Resolve

Fandom: CSI: Miami

No Pairings

No Warnings

Summary: Ryan Wolfe resolves to do his best to honor his hopes and dreams for the future. But he can’t do that by staying in a place surrounded by people who do nothing but shit on him left, right, and center for having done nothing more than been hired on right after friend and coworker died on the job. He was miserable, he just needed to find a way to leave here without these busybodies costing him his potential new job.

Thanks to my lovely beta, MyzticMyanMøøn



Part V – Self Awareness

Fandom: Teen Wolf

No Pairings

No Warnings

Summary: Stiles is completely aware of his faults. He knows that he flails, he knows that he talks a lot, he knows that he has no filter, he knows that he has no friends, he knows that people only really get close to him to use him for a specific purpose (but not sexual). He’s aware.

Thanks to my lovely beta, MyzticMyanMøøn



Part VI – Title: Self Hope

Fandom: Teen Wolf/Criminal Minds

No Pairings, No Warnings

Series: Self – Part VI (an interlude of sorts)

Summary: Stiles needs to learn a little, listen a little, and share a little.

Beta: Thanks to my lovely beta, MyzticMyanMøøn 



Part VII – Title: Self Delusion

Fandom: M7,NCIS,BTVS,CSI:Miami,Teen Wolf

No Pairings, Major Character Death, Character Bashing

Series: Self – Part VII

Summary: The world didn’t stop when they made their escape. For those left behind, there are many questions…and for some, there are consequences.

Beta: The amazing Edronhia 🙂



  1. AlisonK

    I love this series! I am a big fan of crossovers anyway but you’re drawing all these characters together in a way that really makes sense and is extremely satisfying. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Emma

    I am now stalking you!! This is series is so good. All the things that I didn’t really notice in the shows but now with you pointing them out I look back and think why the hell didn’t I see it!!!

    Love this!!!

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