Troll in the Bullpen

Title: Troll in the Bullpen
Author: PNZ
Fandom: NCIS
Pairings: None (Gen)
Warnings: Character bashings
Timeline: Season 3
Summary: Tony takes his suspicions regarding their newest team to HR. Honestly, how long was he supposed to put up with her BS? And how long did she expect them to fall for her charade?


Title: ConsequencesAuthor: PNZFandom: Teen Wolf, NCISPairing: genWarnings: character bashing, murder, discussion of murder, partner betrayalSummary: Tony was seeing the writing on the wall, unable to avoid what was going on around him any longer. It was an unlikely meeting at an opportune time. A few things just needed to be …

Taking Stock – Part 3

Pairing: Tony/Jack Fandom: NCIS, Eureka WARNINGS: slight character bashing Summary:Tony was done. He had hit his limit and there was just nothing else to say about it. It wasn’t a slow dawning process or anything of that sort — at least not from his point of view. Surely, it must …