Be me authentically without the apologies

Title: Be me authentically without the apologies
Author: PNZ
Fandom: 9-1-1, Numb3rs
Pairing: gen
Warnings: character bashing
Summary: Selfish people making selfish decisions. Buck puts his foot down and himself first. Good thing he has some support waiting in the wings.  
Note: 9-1-1: Discussion of events up to end of season 2. Numb3rs: After Colby returns to the team in season 4 (episode 2).
Title taken from Andy Grammer’s song Love Myself, Album Love Myself

If it’s broke, fix it – Chapter 4

**UNBETA’D**   Tony walked into Georgia Brown’s freshly showered, in a favorite suit and with a brand new tablet in his bag. There was no way he wanted any miscommunication with what he knew would be a very important conversation with Director Walter Skinner. He knew it was probably best …

If it’s broke, fix it – Chapter 3

**UNBETAD** “Skinner.” “Director,” Tony squeaked out, taking another sip from his tea. “Got any lunch plans?” “DiNozzo?” Director Walter Skinner asked, disbelief and hope evident in his voice. “Georgia Brown’s, 1pm,” he continued without missing a beat. “Thanks,” Tony replied, hanging up. He had about 5 minutes before he needed …

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