Teen Wolf

I have a deep love for the character Stiles Stilinski, so you can bet that most of my TW fic will be centered around him being a BAMF. Also, be forewarned that I have no love for Scott McCall. Just sayin’.

So far Stiles features in three fics:

ban Q stiles
The Very Definition


Owning It


  1. Cherinee

    Hi! Just wondering…Is Snafu not posted up yet?
    I get an error not found page.
    Just checking – cause I’m playing with everyone’s links for EAD and reading up what everyone has and trying to remember what I’ve read.

  2. AlisonK

    I have never seen TW, but have no problems disliking Scott 🙂

    Really enjoyed SNAFU and am looking forward to reading Owning It but have to go do adulting for a little while first (boo!).

  3. Eloise

    I love your stuff but all your links are going to 404 errors. I managed to read Owning It by typing in the link changes manually. When you click on a link, it goes to karenberkowitz.com. If you go click on the Teen Wolf link, none of the icons or text have any links at all.
    Sorry to bring bad news. Thank you for sharing your stories; they are just excellent.

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