Teen Wolf

I have a deep love for the character Stiles Stilinski, so you can bet that most of my TW fic will be centered around him being a BAMF. Also, be forewarned that I have no love for Scott McCall. Just sayin’.

So far Stiles features in three fics:

ban Q stiles
The Very Definition


Owning It


  1. Cherinee

    Hi! Just wondering…Is Snafu not posted up yet?
    I get an error not found page.
    Just checking – cause I’m playing with everyone’s links for EAD and reading up what everyone has and trying to remember what I’ve read.

  2. AlisonK

    I have never seen TW, but have no problems disliking Scott 🙂

    Really enjoyed SNAFU and am looking forward to reading Owning It but have to go do adulting for a little while first (boo!).

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