On Sense8 (2015-present)

Summary: Eight people in eight cities around the world are united by a single catastrophic event, linking them psychically. They come in contact with one another as though they are in the same place, and find that they share each other’s emotions, language and other skills.Evil people who are aware of their gifts begin to track them down, and they are in terrible danger. A man who understands them contacts each of them and helps them develop their gifts and stay ahead of those that hunt them.

The Good: Very intriguing plot lines the keep moving. Each character has their own issue plus they have an issue that interacts with at least one other. I love how they affect each other, and also how some of them have support from those around them.

The Bad: It took me four episodes to actually figure out what the fuck was going on. I only stuck around that long because someone else told me it would take that long to get a real clue. There were hints dropped throughout the first few eps, but it wasn’t until episode 4 that I really felt I could stick around.

The Ugly: There are some really annoying as fuck characters and plot lines. Seriously. I ended up skipping over quite a few things because I just had better things to do than sit through all the whining. Also, waaaay too much sex. The orgies and all that were misplaced. I’m perfectly capable of hitting pause and opening a new tab if I simply must watch porn. No need to stick it in the middle of a story arc where it does absolutely nothing to further the plot.

Conclusion: I’m hooked, and I definitely want to know what happens next season. I can’t decide which characters are my favorite ones, but I know I’ll be there the day Season 2 is released on Netflix.

Grade: A-

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