Criminal Minds Review 7.02 Proof

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If the cast and crew keeping putting out episodes like the first two of season 7, then we are in for one hell of year with Criminal Minds.

In ‘Proof’, written by Janine Sherman Barrois, we travel to Durant, Oklahoma to find out why blond women, generally in their late teens, are showing up dead…with their eyes burned out.

I really get freaked out with episodes like this, the ones where I can see where there is every chance of it happening due to predictable reactions for certain situations. Generally, when coming across someone who seems to be mentally disabled, guards come down. Of course you’ll stop and give directions to help out. Casting on this episode was once again, spot on. Andy Milder doing that laugh actually made me shudder.

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Notice even Lyla (Tracey Middendorf) didn’t tell her husband Matt (David Starzyk) about what happened with Cy (Andy Milder), because she felt bad. She kept welcoming him into her home…and Cy took advantage of it. There is no doubt that Cy knew right from wrong and that what he was doing to these women was indeed very, very wrong.

And of course, in the B plot, we have the residual reactions to Emily returning to the fold, with her, Hotch and JJ having known the truth all along. I am very happy that everything didn’t go smoothly for the group on this, mostly because that wouldn’t be realistic. Morgan, Garcia and Reid mourned for their lost friend, and Reid even admitted that he ended up at JJ’s house every week for about 10 weeks crying over it. So is it such a shock that he’s going the passive aggressive route with his resentment for not being told the truth? Nope. Not at all. Points to both JJ and Emily, though for not giving up and continually trying to talk to him throughout the case. It was evident that as much as Reid was in pain from the perceived betrayal of trust, Emily and JJ were in pain from their friend’s rejection.

Cue Rossi and Hotch with a nice little fun moment about team morale and Hotch’s non-order to have a cooking lesson at Rossi’s place. I do love it when Hotch brings his sense of humor out, fun!Hotch is always a welcome sight. And of course, we can’t forget the Morgan and Garcia banter that started in season 1 and hasn’t stopped. Garcia’s enthusiasm and optimism are so dearly needed on this team, what would they do without her?

All in all, I enjoyed this episode very much.

Originally Posted October 2, 2011

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