On Medium (2005-2011)


I’m sure you remember this show starring Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber and a whole host of other people.  A psychic working with the DA’s office helping to solve crimes while dealing with her personal life at the same time.



Excellent plot line that puts a little twist on the regular criminal procedural.  It was full of cute little side plots to make you giggle, enough family drama to seem realistic instead of two dimensional and some good running plots to keep things exciting.  The casting is done well, and for the most part, the writers try not to repeat themselves, and poke fun at themselves if something cuts too close to a cliché.


How many times does Allison have to claim something before the other characters remember that A) she’s psychic or B) she’s been right a million times before?  It seems like every few episodes DA Davalos, her husband or Detective Scanlon dismiss her assertions of what occurred in her dreams and later on everything she said is proven right.

Also, the overuse of the daughters powers as plot line helpers is just ridiculous.  Yes, we understand the kids can see things, too.   What will this week bring?  Bridget writing a story about someone daddy knows?  Marie watching cable that isn’t there? Ariel at least can be woven into the storyline without much disbelief.


The constant hysteria the writers make the lead character fall into every episode.  It’s predictable and annoying.


This is a fun show that can be watched through more than once.  It’s recommended if you need something to watch while your regular shows are on hiatus.


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