On Scott McCall

Warning: Contains spoilers for pretty much all seasons.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, whom do I wish to punch most of all? The lead character of MTVs  Teen Wolf, of course, Scott McCall.

Throughout this show it has been more and more evident that if ever someone deserved the title fail!wolf, it’s Scott. How many times has he betrayed his best friend? His pack? Fucked everyone over because he was thinking with his dick? Chosen hunters over the pack?

His inherent selfishness has more than once put people at risk, and he doesn’t really seem to give a shit. Let’s take it season by season, shall we?

SEASON 1:  Scott fails to listen to not one but two people who are trying to help him adjust to his newfound wolfdom. One of which is an actual born wolf. As in, a man who has spent his whole life living with this state of being both a human and someone who can shift into a wolf. So you would think that he might know something about it and how to control it and the do’s and don’t about it. But no, Scott knows better, of course. And so he ignores everything Derek says and goes his own way.

And when his best friend, whom Scott admits is smarter than him, also tells him certain things are a bad idea, like going to a party on the first full moon or playing lacrosse, Scott also knows better than him.

Scott likes to think with his dick and put everyone in danger due to it. But who cares? As long as Scott and his love are happy, that’s all that matters.

SEASON 2: One of the things that pissed me off most here – besides everything – is that Scott decided that since he was unhappy with being a wolf he had the right to decide for everyone else how they should feel about it as well, disregarding their own ability to choose for themselves.

Scott siding with Gerard was a huge deal. I get that his mother was threatened, but there was many avenues that could have been taken, and him siding with big bad, betraying the pack – it’s just the first in a pattern that last the rest of the series. Scott proclaims it’s a plan he and Deaton have come up with…but it reeks of something else and it’s nothing good.

Again, the writers are treating the audience like they are idiots and will constantly forgive for being duped. We are given a lead character that is a moron and has no spine and that is only a hero in the final moments and a piece of shit the rest of the time.

Which brings us to


In which Scott gets a very sudden personality shift and intelligence bump.  Over and over again Scott puts himself above the actual important situations going on around him, only coming to senses at the 11th hour. And once again, he decides to take a deal with the bad guy.

I’m not even going to go into season 3b, 4 and 5 because it’s just more rinse and repeat of these central themes of Scott betraying those he should be most loyal to over and over again (Theo, anyone? Gerard, again. I don’t care if was only for story time). Scott thinking with his dick. Scott being a selfish twat.

I’m deeply disappointed with the writers of this show and have decided it’s not worth it to keep watching.

Thank God for fanfiction to sooth my woes.

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