I’m a little anxious about the upcoming television season. There tends to be a predictable run to seasons now.

1. The fresh new concepts for a few episodes, some amazing new arc that grabs you in.

2. Random filler eps wherein the audience is treated to miles and miles of exposition because the writers have decided to streeeeeeeeeeeetch that arc out instead of wrapping it up like they should have done four episodes ago.

2a. Sub-plot! Whoo!

3. Two new characters are brought in, one is obviously a red-shirt.

4. Yep, that arc is still going. And yep, it totally should have been wrapped up looooooooooong ago, in a galaxy far far away.

5. Since all the things that could go wrong have gone wrong by now, it’s time to bring in all the awesome to bring sweeps ratings up.

5a. Oh, the sub-plot is in the spot-light! whoo!

6. Let’s almost tie up all the loose ends, screw continuity, and blow something up for a good ending.

My faith in good television grows less and less each year…

Thank the kitties there’s fanfiction.